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Biography / Discography

Apolo Bass was born in Cameroon in 1965. He started practicing music in 1982 in Colegio Vogt where he became an orchestra Chief. Apolo Bass was during a few months, a bassist guitarist in the national orchestra of Cameroon. He had a privilege of working with many known artists.

Since 1991 in Spain, he studied Jazz in the ITM of Madrid, which is the National institute of bassist (USA).  He was one of the students of one of the elite’s professor like Felix Santos. Since 2004, Apolo Bass directs his own music projects. He is assisted by a multicultural band.

This Bassist is one of the most innovative African musicians who bring (besides his music project Jazz Bass Africa) a type of music in which blends the Jazz with a variety of African music and Latin touch of elements.  Apolo Bass is consolidating himself as a African Bassist with an emphasis of Jazz and world music.

The cultural side, passion, artistic and dedication interest of this artist are all the factors that got him to get an invitation to perform live in the 2 major’s television sites,  TVE1 and TVE2. It is always a feeling of proud to know that his performance is always shown on television and that the people are enjoying it. Apolo Bass has been recognized as one of the 600 most representatives artist of the 5 continents.

Apolo Bass has participated in numerous festivals, by bringing a breath of fresh air wherever he performs, due to his great knowledge of music, to his talented and diverse  music team that accompany him on his tours. He performed in many concerts in the  whole national territory, and worked with many counties, Caja Madrid, Festivals etc…

Each Apolo Bass concert is an unique event, where each musician gives his best and unique art, making the spectator happy and enjoying the show. Actually, Apolo Bass is working on the promotion of his new album “ Tierras Lejanas”. It is a project where many known artist like Santiago Reyes, “El Padre” which is “The Father” of the Jazz Guitar in Spain.


- A Toi Mamam. 2004
- Another World without Racism. 2006
- A Toi Maman (Remix). 2008
- Tierras lejanas. 2010

A toi Manan Another World Tierras Lejanas

CD- A toi Manan (2004)

CD- Another World (2008)

CD- Tierras lejanas (2010)